Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finances of State owned PSEs

This excel sheet contains the last available summary financial data of each of the state owned PSE as reported by CAG of India. This is compiled are released in public intrest for wider awareness of the finances of State government owned enterprises and facilitating a cross country comparison.

Here are some interesting facts from this compilation:
  • Andhra Pradesh has the highest turnover for companies owned by it at Rs 36k crores as also the highest number of employees at 2.6 lakhs.
  • Gujarat has almost the same revenue as Andhra Pradesh at 33k crores but with less than half the number of employees at 1.15 lakhs.
  • Maximum revenue per employee is by Gujarat but Profit per employee is highest for Orissa at Rs 3.4 lakh.Profit margin for Oriya PSE is highest at 17% probably driven mainly by Mining and its Power companies.Remember that Orissa was the first state to introduce Electricity reforms.
  • Power companies have the highest turnover with TNEB(Tamilandu) at top with Revenues of 14.5k crores.Beverage (read liquor) sector comes 2nd led by Beverage corporations of Andhra Pradesh and Karnatka at 6.7k crore and 6.38 crore respectively. Civil supply or PDS sector comes third with Tamilnadu at 4k crores and Punjab at 3.5 crores.
  • Among individual companies, maximum number of employees are employed by MSEB(Maharashtra) at 1.16 lakhs which is much higher than 77k employedby TNEB with similar revenues. Remember that distribution of power is privatised in its largest city, Mumbai.Tthe process for privatisng in some other cities is going on.
  • PSEB(Punjab) is the highest loss making company with losses of 1.6k crores rupees.17 of the top 18 highest loss making companies are in Power sector with next 5 from Transport sector.
  • Ironically, the top 3 profit making companies are also from Power sector with MPSEB(MP) at 1.2k crores at the top followed by ~Rs 570 crores Gridco(Orissa) and GSECL(Gujarat) ~Rs 500 crores
  • In transport sector, most of the states are making huge losses relative to revenues and few are just breaking even not surprisingly since the total turnover of the transport sector is only Rs 16k crores. Regional integration of transport sector is urgently called for but this is unlikel to happen since Transport sector is one of the biggest employers employing about 4.7 lakh people.Considering the vital role of public transport and the number of citizens it touches directly, overhaul of the sector is urgently called for. If we assume an average ticke price per trip per person of Rs 20, an average Indian must be making at least 8 trips per year by state transport buses alone.

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